Create Intelligence with Response Orchestration

Avantgarde Partners is a next generation managed service provider (MSP), transforming the way enterprises respond to security incidents and events, through orchestrated response programs to provide measurable results and intelligence to security teams.

Winner of the Avnet 2016 Cloud Solutions Partner of the Year Award!

Fortune 50 Expertise + Boutique Experience

Avantgarde Partners is a boutique security consultancy delivering managed programs that provide application, database, and cloud security, as well as regulatory compliance solutions to medium and large enterprises.
Great companies have a lot at stake when it comes to application and data security. It takes a cohesive group of specialized cross-functional teams to effectively execute security initiatives. Avantgarde Partners provides the necessary resources and expertise, along with a full suite of managed products and professional services, all aimed at leveraging the capabilities of your existing infrastructure investments.

Peace of Mind with Harmony TM

HarmonyTM enhances your existing private, public, and hybrid cloud security. Harmony, like Avantgarde Partners, is technology agnostic, so it works with your existing platforms and solutions to ensure that your data is secure and your configuration optimized for thwarting threats and securing vulnerabilities before they have a chance to impact the business.
Harmony is designed to empower your existing DAM and WAF solutions. Transform your capital investments from traditional compliance checkboxes into an adaptive protection platform for systematically reducing application and enterprise risk.

Signs You Need Assistance:

  • WAF still in learning/passive mode
  • Your WAF frequently crashes or runs slowly
  • Blocking Mode negatively impacts your business
  • Lack of confidence in your WAF or DAM
  • Your team lacks the resources and/or skills to resolve the above issues

Managed Security Programs
Foster Growth

It can be hard to keep up with an ever-evolving security and compliance ecosystem, while controlling expenses. Devote capital to growth, not security tools.
We monitor emerging cyber threats, quickly apply security patches, and anticipate privacy and security regulatory changes to keep your enterprise secure, online, and fully compliant.
Offload stressful cyber security operations to Avantgarde Partners with our managed professional services, keeping your team focused on what really matters; delivering exceptional services and products to your customers.

Make Your Security Investments Perform As Advertised

Avantgarde Partners delivers reliable managed services to create operationalized security programs for your private, public. and hybrid clouds, by utilizing your existing security infrastructure.
Our time is spent delivering ROI on your existing investments, instead of selling you another expensive appliance. We know how to make your existing WAF and/or DAM work for you, not against. Let’s partner to accomplish amazing results without any capital expenditures.

Power to Perform

Cybersecurity Feed

Robi Papp highlighted in Forbes about the cybersecurity apprenticeship initiative:
Escape from BlackHat @ the Moorea Beach Club and hear about what Avantgarde is doing with ORI.
It's no surprise to us that the first Phantom Cyber Community Contributor of the Month was awarded to our very own Ian Forrest. Ian has been actively working to make significant contributions in the Phantom Community while executing our own Security Orchestration Automation Programs. We're proud to have Ian as part of the Avantgarde Team.
Free Muni rides last weekend in San Francisco because of hack. . .
Security often brings complexity, particularly for organizations with a broad range of technologies. When the average organization has more than fifty security products in use, planning and implementation services are critical to success with automation and orchestration. Phantom’s Delivery Services team along with our growing network of partners including Avantgarde Partners, Booz Allen Hamilton, Optiv, and WWT, assist customers in the planning and deployment of the Phantom platform.
Very honored to receive Avnet's Cloud Solutions Award.
Attackers are getting more and more sophisticated. Automation is needed to help the blue teams. . .
64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks and other very telling facts. . .
Avantgarde Partners is the leading services company for Security Automation Playbook Development & Management . . .

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